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AQO based BADIs

It often happens that the standard BADI does not support the creation of multiple instances.

Or you need to create several implementations independent of each other, which are called according to a certain condition (for example, by business unit) or in a row.

Of course, you can create your own BADI, but this may not be very convenient. And it’s not as fast as the solution suggested below.

Interface description

Let’s say we have an interface with a method SOME_METHOD with no arguments. And two implementations ZCL_AQO_BADI_TEST_01 and ZCL_AQO_BADI_TEST_02 which simply display an arbitrary message.


New method

Now, in addition to the CREATE method, which created the usual setting based on READ-ONLY class attributes, the FIND_BADI method has been added, which works similar to GET BADI with a filter.


Let’s take a look at an example of calling the new method SE38->ZAQO_BADI


That is, we pass the filter (Company Code= 0001) and the name of the interface and receive a table with all suitable implementations. There may be several, one, or none at all.


After creating the setup, let’s run transaction ZAQO and see what we got


A different icon is visually displayed to highlight that this is not a normal setting.

OPTION_ID is equal to the interface name.

PACKAGE is equal to the package in which the interface is stored.

Let’s enter the following values


Note that:

  • The search tool shows all implementations of a given interface

  • If different people are working on each specific implementation, you can deactivate the call without deleting the line for the duration of the test

  • The same class ZCL_AQO_BADI_TEST_01 can appear in the setting several times, but in et_badi[] there will be only 1 instance of this class

Call Result

In our example, in the table lt_badi[] there will be one instance of the class ZCL_AQO_BADI_TEST_01 and the message Class 01 will be shown once.


Usage log

The usage log, as well as other tabs Transport, General Information and Attachments (for documentation) remained in place

The code scanner will show all places where this interface is called. When calling the FIND_BADI method again, only 1 instance of the ZCL_AQO_BADI_TEST_01 class will be created.