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ALV inside another ALV

How to show the consultant that the amount is calculated correctly?

Often writing the report itself takes a little time, but further “Rumble in the Bronx” joint search for errors takes much more physical and mental efforts, both of the developer and the task manager.

One of the easiest ways is to show in popup ALV what this amount is made of.
Those suppose that a report is collecting amount in the main table, during drilldown we show all the positions from which this amount was collected

ZCL_EUI_ALV examples

" Sample data
FROM sflight.

" Create ALV & pass table
DATA(lo_alv) = NEW zcl_eui_alv(
  ir_table = REF #( lt_flight ) ).

" Show in full screen
lo_alv->show( ).


" Sample data
SELECT * INTO TABLE @DATA(lt_flight) FROM sflight.

" Create ALV & pass table
DATA(lo_alv) = NEW zcl_eui_alv(
  ir_table = REF #( lt_flight )
  " Set title
  is_layout = VALUE lvc_s_layo( grid_title = `Demo title`
                                smalltitle = 'X' )
  " Hot spot & totals by mask
  it_mod_catalog = VALUE lvc_t_fcat( ( fieldname = 'CONNID' hotspot = 'X' )
                                     ( fieldname = 'SEATS*' do_sum  = 'X' ) ) ).

" Show in full screen
lo_alv->show( ).


REPORT zeui_test_alv.


  " Standard CL_GUI_ALV_GRID events
  on_hotspot_click FOR EVENT hotspot_click OF cl_gui_alv_grid
        sender     " <-- CL_GUI_ALV_GRID itself

  on_user_command FOR EVENT user_command OF cl_gui_alv_grid

  " Use split container
  on_top_of_page FOR EVENT top_of_page OF cl_gui_alv_grid
        e_dyndoc_id. " <-- REF TO CL_DD_DOCUMENT


" Create ALV & add a toolbar
DATA(lo_alv) = NEW zcl_eui_alv(
  ir_table   = REF #( lt_flight )
  it_toolbar = VALUE ttb_button( ( function = 'TEST_BUTTON'
                                   icon     = icon_complete
                                   text     = 'Press me!' ) ) ).

" <<<Set all handlers at once>>>
lo_alv->show( io_handler = me ).


METHOD on_top_of_page.
  e_dyndoc_id->add_text( text      = 'Test of ZCL_EUI_ALV'
                         sap_style = cl_dd_area=>large ).

  e_dyndoc_id->new_line( repeat = 1 ).

  e_dyndoc_id->add_link( text =  'EUI library'
                         url  =  '' ).

METHOD on_user_command.
  CHECK e_ucomm = 'TEST_BUTTON'.


Wrapper description

The basic skills of most ABAP developers are probably classes CL_GUI_ALV_GRID and CL_SALV_TABLE

Although the latter is newer, it:

  • does not support editing by default (There are of course several types of tricks to get around this)
  • customization of field catalog, toolbar, layout and variant occurs through method calls
    those imho CL_SALV_TABLE more verbose than CL_GUI_ALV_GRID (from 7.40) where all ALV tuning happens, as usual, through tables and structures

CL_GUI_ALV_GRID, in turn, has 1 but a very significant drawback - to create screens for the main and popup tables love to do masochists a very tedious task for an already busy programmer between sleeping and watching the show during lunch

For simple cases, the entire ALV display can be almost written 1 line

 NEW zcl_eui_alv( ir_table = REF #( mt_alv ) )->
    popup( )->
    show( ).

It is written in 3 lines for clarity
And the fact that you can write so does not mean that you need to do

In details


Let’s move on to the syntax 7.40


      " Create new ALV
      DATA(lo_alv) = NEW zcl_eui_alv(
       " Data for drilldown
       ir_table       = REF #( lt_rt )

       " What kind of payments do we use
       it_filter      = VALUE LVC_T_FILT( ( fieldname = 'LGART'
                                            sign      = 'I'
                                            option    = 'EQ'
                                            low       = '0101' ) )

       " Put the amount field closer to the beginning
       it_mod_catalog = VALUE LVC_T_FCAT( ( fieldname = 'BETRG'
                                            col_pos   = 5
                                            do_sum    = 'X' ) )

       " In the header, the personnel number + tech. info
       is_layout      = VALUE LVC_S_LAYO(
          grid_title = |{ <ls_alv>-pernr } - ({ <ls_lgart>-label })|
          smalltitle = abap_true )

       " If there is a lot of data, it is better to group it
       it_sort        = VALUE LVC_T_SORT(
         ( fieldname = 'SRTZA' subtot = abap_true expa = abap_true )
         ( fieldname = 'LGART' subtot = abap_true expa = abap_true ) ) ).

For those who remember not only REUSE, but also reporting using WRITE + COLOR + HOTSPOT events that old fart I think everything is clear.
And so a single drilldown in LVC_S_LAYO и DISVARIANT (alv variant) and double drilldown in LVC_T_FILT, LVC_T_FCAT, TTB_BUTTON (toolbar) и LVC_T_SORT will remove most of the questions about how it works.

Parameter IT_MOD_CATALOG not assembled from scratch field catalog! It simply complements it with non-empty values. Also, for convenience, you can specify a mask for the fields
fieldname = 'SUM*' do_sum = 'X' hotspot = 'X'


As in SALV, if popup is not needed, we do nothing, otherwise we call

      " As popup
      lo_alv->popup( ).

You can transfer window sizes to it


Actually, for the sake of this method, this class was created (popup nesting is limited to 7 screens)


Call the ALV show itself

      " show ALV
      lo_alv->show( ).

This method returns the code of the closing function. For example, if check lo_alv->show( ) = 'OK'.
PF-STATUS и TITLE BAR can be specified statically in the constructor or dynamically by event

      on_pbo_event FOR EVENT pbo_event OF zif_eui_manager
            sender    "<-- CAST to ZCL_EUI_ALV

In this event, you can get the control itself CL_GUI_ALV_GRID by calling ZCL_EUI_ALV-> GET_GRID ()

But in most cases io_handler can be passed to SHOW method, which can have CL_GUI_ALV_GRID event handlers:

  • on_user_command
  • on_hotspot_click
  • on_double_click
  • on_toolbar
  • on_top_of_page
  • on_data_changed

In them sender this is CL_GUI_ALV_GRID.


Last handler on_data_changed only needed when editing GRID LVC_S_LAYO-EDIT = ‘X’ or single field LVC_S_FCAT-EDIT

Validation of the entered data can be done in the method

      on_pai_event FOR EVENT pai_event OF zif_eui_manager
            cv_close. " Set cv_close->* = abap_false to cancel closing

If the ‘OK’ and ‘CANCEL’ buttons are not enough (CANCEL only for READ_ONLY mode)

small remark

  • You can change the status of the event on_pbo_event (dynamically)
  • Or 1 time in the constructor (statically)