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Nested blocks

While processing a table it is necessary to determine the bounds of the “output area”. That’s why you have to define nested blocks (table of tables etc) very carefully.

    " Structure of document
    BEGIN OF ts_root,
      title  TYPE string,
      bottom TYPE string,
      t      TYPE tt_rand_data, " Table within another table (lt_root)
    END OF ts_root.
    lt_root TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ts_root.

ro_xtt->merge( is_block = lt_root iv_block_name = 'R' ).

If you pass the whole table as a parameter to merge method the bounds for ZCL_XTT_WORD_DOCX, ZCL_XTT_EXCEL_XML and ZCL_XTT_PDF will be the entire document. For the ZCL_XTT_EXCEL_XML the bounds will be a spreadsheet.

For MS Word the {R} bounds will be the document itself with trailing ‘Page Break’ And {R-T} bounds will be 1 row without header

As for ‘Xml Spreadsheet 2003’ format {R} bounds will be middle sheet

And after data replication each ts_root row will be a single sheet

I want to emphasize that TITLE is not a key word. This is just a structure field, not more than

For pdf class you have to name replicated page as IV_BLOCK_NAME parameter of MERGE method. And if you want page breaks within the document set the attribute of the first child as here …