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If there is only one option in the package, you can create it in the following more concise way

zcl_aqo_option=>create( io_data = me )

Default package

The package name IV_PACKAGE_ID now is optional in the zcl_aqo_option=>create method, in this case it will be equal to the package of the called place. When moving a class to another package, the IV_PACKAGE_ID parameter can be specified explicitly


Often, the OPTION_ID parameter does not carry any additional semantical meaning. For small developments, it is not important and can be omitted. In this case, the 'OPTION_ID’ parameter will be equal to the value of 'DEFAULT'.



Option’s consistency check mode IV_REPAIR = abap_true is now permanently enabled. And the need for this flag also disappeared


Also the class ZCX_AQO_EXCEPTION inherits from CX_NO_CHECK so handling the exception is optional. The editor does not issue warnings, and the ZCX_AQO_EXCEPTION class itself cannot be used in method signatures.


In a sense, the TRY - CATCH block is not desirable, since simply printing the message DISPLAY LIKE 'E' is often simply ignored. An unhandled ZCX_AQO_EXCEPTION exception in the absence of a option in the database in production or its definition differs from the ABAP code will result in a dump that is easier to detect. If the option definition differ in the DEV system, a new save window will appear

Change window


It displays the changes made to the option. - Deleted will only appear for nested fields, those for fields in the TAB_OPT table. Trying to remove the definition of the entire TAB_OPT table or any other top-level non-nested field from the code will throw a ZCX_AQO_EXCEPTION exception

image This means you have to delete top-level fields by yourself.

Automatic class check

For class-based options, you can now simply activate the class and not instantiate it with F8 in the code editor. Once the class is activated, the existing option can be opened in the ZAQO_EDITOR_OLD editor. In this case, the mapping of the option with the class definition will be checked automatically and a window with changes will be displayed when the option is opened.

You can disable this behavior by this switch.