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Installation via ABAPGIT is preferable.
The github project is updated automatically.

Code is checked periodically in SAP NetWeaver 7.0 ABAP Trial Version.
And I will try to update this version of the installation upon request.
With rare exceptions, examples in Z_XTT_DEMO work in version 7.00

  • Download the entire archive SAPLINK with plugins.

  • Create SE38 program -> ZSAPLINK_INSTALLER based on zsaplink_installer.txt and pass the SAPlink_Daily.nugg file to it

  • Import each nugg file twice, since very often SAPLINK cannot override methods in child classes
    Set the Overwrite Originals radio button a second time


  • Activate all

  • Further in SE38 -> ZSAPLINK pass all plugins NUGG_ALL_PLUGINS.nugg. If you already have SAPLINK installed, you can install only one plugin plugins\NUGG_W3MI.nugg (Templates for demo examples in SMW0)

  • Then install EUI (2 times)

1) First activate EUI dictionary objects


2) And only then the whole EUI code

  • Install XTT (2 times)

1) First activate the XTT dictionary objects


2) And only then all the XTT code


You can run tr. Z_XTT_DEMO