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Import data into an internal table from Excel or CSV file with mapping and error handling


ZCL_EUI_FILE_IO examples


" Load from Excel
DATA(lo_file_io) = NEW zcl_eui_file_io(
  iv_file_name    = zcl_eui_file=>mc_extension-xlsx
  " Screen title ( for SHOW method)
  iv_status_title = `Uploaded data` ).

" Showing Open Dialog (method of ZCL_EUI_FILE)
  iv_window_title = `Please specify file to import.` ).
" Flight data
DATA(lt_import) = VALUE spfli_tab( ). 
" Load all fields of SPFLI, without error checking
  ir_table        = REF #( lt_import )
  iv_row_from     = 2       " From the second line

" If the user confirmed the data in a new screen
CHECK lo_file_io->popup( )->show( ) = 'OK'.

" Flight data
DATA(lt_import) = VALUE spfli_tab( ).

" From CSV
DATA(lo_file_io) = NEW zcl_eui_file_io(
  iv_file_name    = zcl_eui_file=>mc_extension-csv ).

" File as a string
  iv_string   = lv_csv_data
  " By default UTF-8
  iv_encoding = zcl_eui_conv=>mc_encoding-utf_16le ).

" Specify the mapping of the required fields. Others will be ignored
DATA(lt_mapping) = VALUE zcl_eui_file_io=>tt_excel_map(
   " For Excel is more convenient column_name = 'B', 'C', 'D'
   ( field = 'CARRID'    column_index = 2 )
   ( field = 'CONNID'    column_index = 3 )
   ( field = 'COUNTRYFR' column_index = 4 )

" You can specify by calling them in EXPORT_TO_ITAB_CSV( )
  ir_table        = REF #( lt_import )
  it_excel_map    = REF #( lt_mapping )
*  iv_row_from     = 1 " From the first line

" If the file contains data


  " Data Import Error Handler (-> EXPORT_TO_ITAB)
  on_mapping_error FOR EVENT mapping_error OF zcl_eui_file_io
        iv_source    " Original text
        iv_row       " Line number
        is_excel_map " Mapping field
        io_error     " CX_* exception
        cv_value     " Value to change cv_value->*
        cs_row.      " Import table row

" Load from Excel
DATA(lo_file_io) = NEW zcl_eui_file_io( ).

" File from a network folder
lo_file_io->import_from_file( iv_full_path = `I:\$secret\2020-06-27.xlsx` ).

" Specify the mapping of the required fields. Others will be ignored
DATA(lt_mapping) = VALUE zcl_eui_file_io=>tt_excel_map(
   ( field = 'CARRID'    column_name = 'B' )
   ( field = 'CONNID'    column_name = 'C' )


" Importing data
  ir_table        = REF #( lt_import )
  " If there is no mapping, load all the fields
  it_excel_map    = REF #( lt_mapping )
  " If there is no exception handler
  io_handler      = me


METHOD on_mapping_error.
  " Default value in case of error
  IF is_excel_map-field = 'DISTANCE'.
    ASSIGN cv_value->* TO <lv_distance>.
    " Original value as a string IV_SOURCE
    <lv_distance> = 77777.


Standard methods

Probably many SAP developers know about CALL FUNCTION 'ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE' for import from Excel
and cl_gui_frontend_services=>gui_upload( filetype = 'DAT' ) for import from CSV.

But these methods have several limitations:

  • ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE works by OLE (there are problems when copying a large amount of data)
  • Both work only with Presentation Server
  • There is no error handling in the file and data mapping (Which column should go where)

Implementation features

  • Class ZCL_EUI_FILE_IO inherits from ZCL_EUI_FILE. And everything that a parent can do.

  • For Excel, the CL_FDT_XL_SPREADSHEET class is used (available from 7.02). Which is devoid of problems with OLE.

  • CSV in turn supports different characters for data separation and different encodings


  • Error handling in the file (date or number has the wrong format) occurs using the MAPPING_ERROR event
    In the callback, you can handle the error and change the value itself


  • In the mapping table, you can specify column_name or column_index
    Mapping itself is optional. If it is not specified, it will match the internal table that passed, the first column of the ITAB is column A, second B, etc.
     " Field of internal table
     field        TYPE fieldname,

     " Convenient for Excel
     column_name  TYPE char3,

     " More convenient for CSV. Could be filled automatically
     column_index TYPE i,

Since this class inherits from ZCL_EUI_FILE, its methods are available to it.
This makes it possible to write chains as in the parent

For loading from a file, the chain may look as follows

 " If you specify the file extension 'xlsx' or 'csv', the save(open) dialogs
 " and the EXPORT_TO_ITAB method will be immediately configured
 " You can also pass XSTRING to the constructor
 new ZCL_EUI_FILE( IV_FILE_NAME = 'xlsx' )->
    " This step can be replaced by data loading from any source
    " Import itself with an error handler
    EXPORT_TO_ITAB( io_handler = me)


Import from the internal table (or export to a file) works like a simple report
For more complex reports, it is better to use

TODO Export multiple internal tables to 1 file without specifying a template (For debug)