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Aggregation functions

Calculation in ABAP

There is a special event for calculating subtotals of the parent level based on the children

where you can write a simple cycle and calculate what you need in a particular case

Casting to a specific type through ASSIGN could cause some difficulty. But in general there is nothing complicated in code. But this approach is also not entirely informative.

Aggregation Functions

For that purpose the special addition ;func= with functions SUM | AVG | COUNT | FIRST was introduced.

The function can be specified once for the whole level. It is not necessary to write it in each cell like {R-T_CH_COUNT;func=COUNT} for level=1

Note that in the example for level=0 there is AVG function, and for level=1 there is SUM function

  • FIRST takes the value from the first child
  • COUNT returns their number

Combining programmatic and declarative is possible. But in my opinion in the template it looks a little clearer