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Dynamic table (tree)

All you have to do is to merge your columns first
And then just insert main table with the second merge



    " Document structure
    BEGIN OF ts_merge0,
      a TYPE REF TO data, " Tree 1 In template {C-A}
    END OF ts_merge0,

    BEGIN OF ts_merge1,
      t TYPE REF TO data, " Tree 2 In template {R-T}
    END OF ts_merge1.

Insert columns as table or tree and then insert main data

    " Columns
    ro_xtt->merge( is_block = ls_merge0 iv_block_name = 'C' ).

    " Rows
    ro_xtt->merge( ls_merge1 ).


The template could be limited to 1 column with conditional formatting

The example was created to demonstrate the addition of ‘show_if’