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Export|import entire option

If the option needs to be re-transferred across the entire landscape system, it can be uploaded from the production system to a .json file (UTF-8 encoding) and loaded into DEV again.
This may be relevant when part of the options was quickly changed in the prod

This feature is implemented both in the new sapui5 interface and in the “old” editor (but the file format is different!)

Tabular data in ui5

Editing a large amount of data in the tabular part in ui5 is complicated by the fact that it is not possible to work through the clipboard in it.
And the ’+’ button inserts only one record. (’-‘ can delete multiple lines at a time)
For more comfortable work 2 buttons were created for exporting and importing data via .csv (UTF-16-LE encoding)

You can also edit EMAILS - table, BUKRS - range in json format