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Tree group by fields

If you have ordinary table with simple totals you should use abap internal tables.
But if you also have to display subtotals and other hierarchical structures it’s better to use trees.
There are 2 methods to create trees. In this page I’ll try to explain the first one TREE_CREATE.
About the TREE_CREATE_RELAT you can read in the follwing page.


    " Document structure
    BEGIN OF ts_root,
      title TYPE string,
      t     TYPE  REF TO data, " better to use general type than zcl_xtt_replace_block=>ts_tree
    END OF ts_root.

    ls_root-t = zcl_xtt_replace_block=>tree_create(
     it_table      = lr_table       " from 7.5 REF #(lt_rows)
     iv_fields     = 'GROUP'   ).   " Name of the fields delimited by ;

The simplest way to describe the method is to imagine ALV grid with different subtotals.

 iv_fields     = 'BUKRS'        " Subtotals by 1 field
 iv_fields     = 'BUKRS;WERKS'  " Subtotals bt 2 fields

to calculate sums (and averages, for example) you should define handler to process tree and subitems

      on_prepare_tree_05 FOR EVENT prepare_tree OF zcl_xtt_replace_block
            ir_tree      " Type Ref To ZCL_XTT_REPLACE_BLOCK=>TS_TREE
            ir_data      " Type Ref To DATA
            ir_sub_data, " Type Ref To DATA

first of all in the handler you have to cast data to original data types

    <ls_data>     TYPE ts_tree_05,
    <ls_sub_data> TYPE ts_tree_05.

  " Cast to specific data
   ir_data->*        TO <ls_data>,
   ir_sub_data->*    TO <lt_sub_data>.

and in the loop you can calculate whatever you need

  " And calc sums
  LOOP AT <lt_sub_data> ASSIGNING <ls_sub_data>.
    <ls_data>-sum1  = <ls_data>-sum1 + <ls_sub_data>-sum1.
    <ls_data>-sum2  = <ls_data>-sum2 + <ls_sub_data>-sum2.

In the template if you have different rows formatting for each level you can specify them by ;level= and ;top= additions. If subitems go after parental item just add ;top=X for the level, otherwise ;top= or just omit it.

Also if you specify outline level in the template it will be replicated in the final report for the corresponding items.

The result look like in ALV GRID