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fix alv dropdown empty value

2023-01-13 The error was caused by a leading space image

Class types

2023-01-11 Previously only ddic types were showed for tables image

fix early BDS_LOCL creation

2022-10-29 Navigation to “Attachments” made entry in BDS_LOCL table image

preferred parameter IO_DATA

2022-10-19 Just one code line for creating an option

zcl_aqo_option=>create( me ).

fix package detection for local classes

2022-07-14 Auto detecting of iv_package_id parameter was broken for local classes

new tr. ZAQO

2022-03-29 Short transaction code image

ALV - skip message ‘Enter a valid value’

2022-03-23 New lines with domain values caused an error image

create popup window

2022-03-22 Fix transportation problem Maintenance dialog for BDS - tr. OAOR image

activate SAVE button when checkbox (or listbox) is clicked

2021-12-14 Now checkbox click sends USER-COMMAND image

pass rollname for screen

2021-12-06 Screens more accurate since search helps will be detected by TABLE-FIELD rollname

fix bug activate SAVE button

2021-12-05 2021-11-23

call transaction mode

2021-11-23 Start transaction by custom code

      SET PARAMETER ID: 'ZAQO_PACKAGE_ID' FIELD <ls_opt>-package_id,
                        'ZAQO_OPTION_ID'  FIELD <ls_opt>-option_id,
                        'ZAQO_COMMAND'    FIELD 'OPEN_OPTION'.
      DATA(lv_tcode) = COND sytcode( WHEN p_view = abap_true THEN 'ZAQO_VIEWER_OLD' ELSE 'ZAQO_EDITOR_OLD' ).

Sync data tab with the field settings

2021-11-20 Synchronization of two tabs image

Edit mode & locale ‘RU’


V3 beta

2021-10-27 New interface based on dynamic screens. Previously it was based on FM FREE_SELECTIONS_DIALOG

Transport info in new table


Information about transport is very slow in Oracle (sy-dbsys). That’s why separate tab was created image