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All tables and trees in you template could be populated with rows and columns as well.
But the feature works only for the ZCL_XTT_EXCEL_XLSX class and 2 file types (xlsx & xlsm).
To do this just add special marker {;direction=column} for your table or tree wherever you want.

ABAP code is similar to the Example №05

    SET HANDLER on_prepare_tree_05 ACTIVATION abap_true.

    GET REFERENCE OF lt_rows INTO lr_table.
    ls_root-a = zcl_xtt_replace_block=>tree_create(
     it_table      = lr_table       " from 7.5 REF #(lt_rows)
     iv_fields     = 'GROUP'   ).   " Name of the fields delimited by ;

    SET HANDLER on_prepare_tree_05 ACTIVATION abap_false.

The main difference in the template itself.

  • Table

  • Tree

The result will appear like that

  • Table

  • Tree

Data offset

If the result in the report has moved down, add non-empty cells to the left of the column with the template.
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