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The only static public method is responsible for the configuration process:

 zcl_aqo_option=>create( )

Which, if necessary:

  • creates a new option or
  • changes the existing option as described in the ABAP code


  • reads the current options (entered by the user) or
  • saves the new option in the database if the client is open for changes (DEV mandt)

Checks at creation process

Also, this method is wrapped in Try block, as it performs some checks.
For example, does the package exist during the creation of a new option or has the field description changed since the previous launch.

About the last point in more detail:

  • If there are more fields in the ABAP ->It’s Ok.
    In DEV, a save confirm dialog will popup (In the prod system there will be an error)

  • If there are more fields in the visual editor
    For example, we created a new field in the editor.
    There will always be an error (You must delete this field in the editor or, most likely, change a description in the code)

  • If you have a Unique sorted table as a configuration field and you change the primary key
    Or deleted (added) fields from the table. You can “repair” description of the option
    To do this, you can pass this parameter to the method

This works a little slower, but:

  • fixes the description of fields (including nested tables)
  • as well as table values
    performs move-corresponding for structures + INSERT in the table one record at a time, and not one in a scope
    If there are duplicates in the primary key in the edited table, the first value will remain


Flag IV_REPAIR works as a database utility


Do not leave it in the code on an production system (This is a small reminder with ‘W’ message)
This works more slowly and in future versions there will probably be something else instead of IV_REPAIR = ‘X’